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What is the loan period for books? Is it different for movies?
Books, magazines, and audiobooks are checked out for three weeks. DVDs circulate for two weeks.

Can I renew materials over the phone?
Yes, renewals may be made over the phone, in person, or you can do it through our web-based catalog with your library card number and password. Items on hold for another patron and materials loaned through interlibrary loan from other libraries may not be renewed.

How many items can I check out at one time?
There is no limit to the number of books, audio materials, movies or magazines that may be borrowed.


How can I get a library card?
Library cards are available to any resident of Alstead or Langdon, landowner, or student attending an Alstead or Langdon school. To get your card, stop by the library with a form of identification showing your address or affiliation. Non-residents may purchase a card for $40 annually.

Do you have meeting space available for public use?

We do not have meeting space available to the public, however, members of the public can hold small, quiet meetings at the library. These meetings must be during library hours and cannot disrupt the operations of the library. Please see our Meeting Space Policy.


How do I get a password for my library card?
Visit or call the library at 603-835-6661. We will be happy to assign a password of your choosing as your PIN. You can use this PIN to reserve and renew items through our online catalog.

There is a book I want to read that the library does not own.
Can you get it for me?

Yes, depending on the potential appeal of the book, we will either purchase it or borrow it from another library. If the item is within our catalog you can place the request yourself! Please note: items released within the last six months cannot be interlibrary loaned.

Do you have a fax?


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