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Thoughts from Emma, our Intern

Hello! I’m Emma and I have been interning at the Shedd-Porter Memorial Library since February! I have enjoyed my time as the intern immensely and there is never a dull day! I get to do a lot at the library but my top favorite things to do are reshelving books, interacting with patrons, and getting books for patrons. There is so much that goes into a library and I love learning about it. Alyson, Kat, and Gaale have been so wonderful and I’m so happy that I know enough now to actually help!

I am happy with how much I have already learned but a few things I want to continue learning/practicing are interacting with patrons (grabbing books for them, getting to know them, and knowing enough about them so I can recommend books to them!), learning more about what goes into running a library (I’ve already learned some things about this but I am sure there is more to learn!), and getting even better at doing library tasks! (I definitely need some practice with putting plastic over book covers).

I know that for my future schooling I want to learn more about literature. My library internship has definitely encouraged this! I’m still not totally sure what exactly I want to study for university/college but I’m sure I would love to continue working in libraries! I really do love my library internship so so so much! So much so that I am currently on my second part of my internship and I am hoping and planning on continuing my internship into the school year!

I have such an incredible time at the library and I look forward to it every week (usually every day!) and not only are the people lovely, the library is extraordinary! And although things look a bit different in the library due to the CoronaVirus, the Shedd-Porter Memorial Library is still a wonderful, lovely, and incredible place!


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