What’s Happening with the Library Steps?

For months people entering and departing the Library had noticed ever widening gaps between the fourteen foot long granite steps.   Through a series of consultations the LibraryTrustees have learned that the steps are resting on brick-and-mortar supports on either end, with no support in the middle of the steps.  The mortar in those supports is failing, leading to slipping bricks and therefore sliding granite.   Repair is necessary!

To​ protect the public and the building we need to keep water, winter and weight off the granite until the steps can be repaired in 2018.   Recognition of this led to the design and creation of the current temporary stairs and the structural covering of the historical steps.  Leading the “Stairway to Heaven”  team, and providing tens of hours of volunteer effort in designing and building the current access to the Library, has been Bob McGuire.    Michael Jasmin, Joel McCarty, Chris McGuire , Anthony James, Mikey Gordon and Jayden Silva  donated much time,  talent and energy to the effort.   Chris Hansen donated some materials.    Michael Jasmin prepared the detailed Request for Proposals  for the work to be done.   The Library Trustees have provided oversight throughout the process.

The Library Trustees will be working with the Board of Selectmen to create a warrant article for the repair of the granite steps;  this warrant article will come before the Town Meeting in 2018.   The anticipated schedule, pending passage of the warrant article, is that the steps will be repaired by mid-June, 2018.    It is critically important to the Library Trustees that the quality of work is commensurate with the quality of a building on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

The steps repair will be on the agenda of the Library Trustees on Thursday, November 9 (meeting begins at 6 pm) and on the agenda of the Board of Selectmen November 14 (meeting begins at 6:30 pm.)  These meetings are always open to the public.

The Shedd-Porter Memorial Library was built in 1910 as a gift from John Graves Shedd and Mary Roenna Porter and was given in memory of their families to the citizens of Alstead and Langdon.    Constructed in 1910, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Town of Alstead Public Notice

Shedd-Porter Memorial Library

Pursuant to RSA 202-A:4-c, the Trustees of the Shedd-Porter Memorial Library  will hold a public hearing to accept funds donated to the library by the Reed Family Foundation.  This meeting will be held at the Shedd-Porter Memorial Library on Thursday, August 17 at 7 p.m.
August Trustee Meeting Rescheduled
In order to accommodate vacation schedules, the August Trustee meeting will be held on Thursday, August 17 immediately following the public hearing to accept funds.

Essential Oils 101

Alstead native Sarah Reagan will lead us on Thursday, July 27 at 7 pm in Essential Oils 101.  Come learn about essential oils, their uses, and how their many benefits can help you and your family achieve personal health goals.  Smell the oils, learn about supplements, and enjoy a hands on class.  Each participant will go home with a free gift!  Be empowered with the knowledge of how to detoxify your life and use essential oils to live more naturally.

Forever Fit

Thursday, June 22 at 7 p.m.
Is there anything you are NOT doing right now because your health and/fitness is holding you back?
Functional Aging Specialist Lisa Dumont and Sarah Manning will be discussing functional aging and most of all, ways to support others in doing all the things they want to do in life.
Their mission is to help people achieve the best possible health and quality of life through innovative and evidence based functional fitness programs that are safe, effective, enjoyable and purposeful.
Come join us to learn how to put more years in your life and more life in your years, in this interactive workshop.
You will go away with tools to help you do the things you need to do, like to do and want to do for a very long time.
Lisa Dumont Author of Forever Fit and owner of Westminster Fit Body Bootcamp and Sarah Manning are so excited to share their knowledge of functional aging with you!

Together We Can Build a Better World – Summer Reading

Marion K. Holmes Memorial Summer Reading Program
Shedd-Porter Memorial Library

We will host a six week series of events for families, which are free and open to the public:


  • Friday, July 7 @ 1 – Always wanted to juggle? Now is your chance! Professional juggler and touring performer Steve Corning will provide a fun, high-energy juggling demo, followed by hands-on instruction and lessons for all ages and skill-types.
  • Friday, July 14 @ 1:15 – Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) – Nesting Season: Raptors and Their Homes – Humans aren’t the only creatures to build amazing homes for their families!  Nesting season is the most important time of the year for bird populations and we can take actions to help them out.  Show includes 3 live raptors!
  • Friday, July 21 @ 1 – Join The Travelling Storyteller and Company for a presentation of the Three Little Pigs. These aren’t your average pigs.  These are three city pigs who move to the country to start a new life, only Mayor Webster D. Wolfe has different plans for the pigs!
  • Friday, July 28 @ 1 – Join Betsy Stacey and members of the Cold River Local Advisory as they lead a river exploration of the Cold River. We will learn about the insects, fish and amphibians that make the river their home through games and hands-on discovery. Please come dressed ready and willing to get dirty and possibly wet.
  • Friday, August 4 @ 1 – Together we can build, build, build! Jessi Dussault will lead us through a building bonanza. Come experiment with a variety of materials to build a better tower, catapult and more!
  • Friday, August 11 @ 1 – ICE CREAM PARTY for this year’s readers. Celebrate your reading success at the library.
    All events are free and open to the public, but children must be pre-registered in the reading program to be eligible for weekly reading prizes.

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