Images from Tanzania – Thursday, January 10th

We are fortunate to have Alstead resident Bob Lindemann join us on Thursday, January 10th at 7 p.m. for a presentation about his work in Tanzania.  While there, he worked to help establish a Jifundishe – or free library.  He also volunteered for the Foundation for African Medicine and Education (F.A.M.E.).  He will share his experiences with us, as well as powerful images of the people he met and the places he visited.  Bob Lindemann currently serves on the board of directors for Unlimited Possibilities – an education and service foundation.  Please join us for this moving presentation.

Goat Care Book

goatResidents who have goats as pets or livestock should know we now have a handbook for goat care, Diseases of the Goat by John G. Matthews.  This book, written for veterinarians, includes information on all aspects of goat medicine.  It was purchased for the library with money from the Gleason Fund.